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Health Healers or Health Stealers

Health healers and health stealers is something everyone has. Even if you consider yourself in optimal health today. Life bombards us with internal and external factors that need attention now; more than ever. What we put in our bodies, on our skin, and in our environment either helps our body heal or disrupt it, which leads to illness. Be the lead maestro of your mind, body, and spiritual health.

When you are the lead maestro you:

· Listen more to your body and less to media.

· Identify what your healers and stealers are and focus on both, not just one.

· Make changes that fit your life, not someone else’s.

· Embrace many options, there is no single answer.

There are numerous ‘health stealers’ and listed below are just a handful. Frequent exposure to these alters our well-being. It is easy to overcook food in a microwave; depleting the wonderful nutrients they would have if just lightly sauteed or steamed. Stress is more prevalent, and many people think constant stress is “just a way of life”. Combine stress with poor sleep and the result is a rapid decline in health.

  1. Chronic / long term use of medications

  2. Short term use of medications such as antibiotics and steroids

  3. Mega dosing of OTC & supplements

  4. Dehydration

  5. Stress

  6. Frequent dieting

  7. Microwaved and processed foods

  8. Daily alcohol consumption

  9. Drive thru meals

  10. Excess body fat

  11. Chemical filled soaps and deodorants

I love health healers because there are so many ways to evolve wellbeing. Too often, we look for big solutions and challenge events. Health should not be “a one size fits many” industry. It is personal and needs to reflect your needs and values. Include more of the following health healers. If you do not walk much just start out with 15 minutes a day. Do not eat at your desk or in the car; take a break to enjoy nourishing your body.

  1. Use select quality supplements

  2. Organic teas and food on-hand

  3. Healthy home meals with herbs and spices

  4. Walk 5-7 days a week

  5. Mindfulness

  6. Use chemical free or organic lotions

  7. Sleep with the TV off

  8. Sleep with the cell phone away from your body

  9. Chemical free lawns

  10. Prepare for sleep

Be the lead maestro of your health and wellbeing. Keep copies of your lab work and vital signs and compare them to the previous results as well as a year ago. If you do not understand your results go over them with your health professional. If you would like more information about health healers or stealers just email us at or call us at (772) 231- 5555.

Let us know if you found this information helpful and share your ideas for wellbeing.


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