Health Coaching with
Colleen Symanski, R.N., C.D.E

Health Coaching is for individuals who want to live and feel great!  There are hundreds of reasons why you may want to have me as your personal health coach.  Below are a few common reasons clients seek my services:   


  • I want to enjoy myself more in health and fitness.

  • I am tired of dieting, boot camps, and being nagged by my friends, physicians and family!

  • Sick and tired of pills!- too many medications, gaining weight, have no energy, and out of control!

  • I'm getting married and want to look and feel my best and begin my marriage with abundance of good health.

  • I want to change my routine for long-lasting results, a better well-being and quality of life!  

  • I am at a stage of my life where my health matters and I want to improve it!  

Health Coaching

     We work one-on-one to create a path for better health and to support you through lifestyle adjustments you desire. This is your personalized plan for optimal well-being. Coaching services are based on your individual needs.  We don't sell packages; we focus on results.   Schedule a complimentary consultation so we can discuss where to start and what we need to achieve optimal results. 

"How to" Eat More Healthy Session

​Are you overwhelmed with the amount of misinformation and abundance of fad diets out there? Every day there's a new article out about the next super food, the best and worst thing to eat for belly fat, and so on and so forth! We will sit down and breakdown everything you're currently doing, and tweak it to your needs, taste buds, and lifestyle. We'll be able to swap out some okay foods for great or better choices, and teach you how to read labels and decipher what's really in them. 

  • $75 per session(typically 60-75 minutes)- One may be all you need, but we can certainly meet again as needed.

  • Refresher Session- 30 minutes for $45.   

Grocery Store and/ Produce Market Expeditions

It starts in the cart! 

We make it easy and fun to find better, healthier choices.  

 The better the food we eat, the better our bodies and minds feel and function. 


  • Learn how to read and understand labels and ingredients better for eating healthier.  

  • Navigate the aisles to embrace foods with a short shelf life and close to their natural source without breaking your budget or depriving yourself of foods you love.

  • Create a custom "staples" shopping list.

  • Simplify your meals and make them quick and easy, and get useful time & money saving tips! 


Refrigerator and Pantry Makeover

  • Enjoy having more good eats, spices, and herbs readily available to you.  

  • Be better prepared for last minute ideas to support your schedule.

  • Simple and easy options for progress that you and your family will embrace









Grocery Store and Pantry Package- $250.00

  • Combine the grocery store tour and home pantry makeover and save for the ultimate health enhancer!

Personal Training - Health Coaching - Diabetes Lifestyle Management - Yoga 

We love what we do; you'll love how you feel!

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