Health Coaching with
Colleen Symanski, R.N., CDCES
"I like to help people have more health healing and less health stealing."  

 Colleen works with:

  1. Individuals whose health is currently compromised, and they want to fix it.

  2. Individuals at a stage of life where good health matters. They want to improve it and maintain it so they can continue to enjoy life.

  3. Male clients because their significant other wants them to see me; and they want to make him or her happy.  It’s a win- win with double results.   

Health Coaching

          We work one-on-one to create your path for better health and to support you through personal changes that you want to focus on. Coaching services are based on your individual needs.  Most coaching sessions require 4 months for optimal results; however there are some people who only need a few sessions. We will review your health healers and look out for health stealers. Schedule a complimentary consultation so we can discuss your concerns and see if we are a good fit.  

Examples of Health Stealers

  • Night shift work, environmental toxins, many medications, and mega dosing of supplements

  • Chronic inflammation & disease, high blood sugar

  • Disruption in ciradian rhythm

  • Daily alcohol consumption, drive-thru meals

  • Stress, being sedentary, or carrying too much weight

Grocery Store and/ Produce Market Expeditions

It Starts in the Cart! 

There is a lot of misleading advertising and food labeling that even savvy shoppers miss.  Colleen has spent years in the aisles, studying labels, and design so you don’t have to.  She will show you how to:

  • Navigate the aisles, what those labels mean, and money saving tips.

  • Embrace foods with a short shelf life and close to their natural source; without breaking your budget or depriving yourself of foods you love.

  • Create a custom "staples" shopping list that includes the wonderful benefits of culinary herbs and spices.

  • Simplify your meals, make them quick and easy, and get useful time saving tips! ​

     -$150.00 (60-90 minutes)

Refrigerator and Pantry Makeover

  • Enjoy having more good eats, spices, and herbs readily available to you.  

  • Be better prepared for last minute ideas to support your schedule.

  • Simple and easy options for progress that you and your family will embrace


Grocery Store and Pantry Package

Combine the grocery store tour and home pantry makeover and save for the ultimate health enhancer!

- $215.00