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"Thinking back, being young, thin and fit....those were the days.  What a great life of fun filled days with lots of energy and laughs.  Then, when you're 50+ it’s like what happened to me?  Yep, that was me until I met Colleen Symanski, RN CDE. Colleen was instrumental in giving me back hope that I can bring some of those days back.  With her guidance through an unforeseen diagnosis allowed me the opportunity to learn how to manage the diagnosis.  Through Colleen's research, goal planning, grocery shopping & reading labels with me as well as encouraging me to move my body more has enabled me to refocus on the things I can do.  

Moving my body more came through the assistance and patience of Ken Symanski my personal trainer with A Healthier Me.  Ken personalized a movement plan for me where I was sure not to hurt myself yet challenge and strive to perform each movement with positive results in mind.  I feel so blessed to have Colleen and Ken in my life.  I  look forward to every time I meet with them."

Cindy Bryant

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