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Personal Training
Ken Symanski, N.S.C.A and F.I.I
Certified Personal Trainer
"I love helping people grow to be more fit and live their best lives!"
-Ken Symanski
I specifically design each workout session for every person I train by taking a functional, core based approach. Meaning training the body in the main movements and functions of daily life and activities; strength, flexibility, balance, posture, endurance, pushing and pulling, bending and squatting, lifting and carrying. 
I prefer to use a variety of methods and tools so each workout has something fun and different, while maintaining a specific focus on the individual(s) physical goals and needs. We are all unique and I believe every workout should be designed and progressed appropriately.

Who I work with

Anyone and everyone! Active, sedentary, youth-athletes, recreational athletes, and the every-day person for general fitness. 

  • Seniors, youths, teens, adults

  • Post-Rehab Patients

  • Training sessions are done in 30, 45, and 60 minute blocks

  • Rates range from $45-$75 based on time for 1-on-1 sessions, and $25-$45 for group

  • All training programs are designed specifically around your goals and needs

What You Will Notice

  • Increase in lean muscle, strength, and  endurance

  • A lower body-fat percentage and body circumference 

  • Higher levels of self confidence and energy levels 

  • An improvement in core strength, posture, and balance

  • More focus and ability during daily activities at home, work, and/or school

Full-body Functional Personal Training- This is  for anybody and everybody looking to get more fit, feel better and more energized!

Sport Specific/Athletic Training- Casual exerciser, weekend warrior, or competitive athlete! 

-Running, cycling/mountain biking, swimming (triathlons),

-Golf, tennis, lacrosse, baseball, basketball, ice hockey and figure skating

  • Increase overall performance, strength, and endurance 

  • Improve speed and agility, flexibility, and balance

  • Injury prevention, and muscular efficiency/coordination

  • Recreational, youth, high school, and collegiate athletes

Senior Fitness

  • Strengthen your core, improve balance, and increase lean muscle

  • Posture and alignment

  • Higher levels of bone density and 

  • Lower cholesterol and blood pressure numbers

  • Decrease the risk of slip and falls

  • Lower your risk of a heart attack and/or stroke

  • Most importantly, feel and live more youthful!

In-home Personal Training- Please call to discuss options



"I can't thank Kenny enough for how he changed my life. I was unfit and never exercised. He made exercising fun. Kenny pushed me to be my best in a friendly way. He doesn't yell or make you do something you're not comfortable with. Not only exercising in the gym he believed in me to step out of my comfort zone and next thing I know we were signed up first 1/2 marathon. Loved it and super proud of myself. Next we signed up for Tough Mudder. Again out of comfort zone. Really loved it. So now my wall is filled with medals from races. I could not of achieved any of this with out the guidance of Kenny. I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone ready to change their life and get fit!!!!"  

Dawn Watt

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