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How to eat healthy "on the go"!

How many of you out there eat a perfectly balanced diet? Not many of us, and when I use the word diet, I do not mean it as a quick-fix for weight loss. I use it as it is; a way to live and enhance my mental and physical needs throughout each day. Which is truly what food and water are meant for, but somehow over the years we now look at it as a way to reduce stress, please our senses, or in some cases it becomes an addiction. Speaking of addictions, sugar is one of the biggest, and yet it’s still being put in all of our food choices out there, along with artificial sweeteners and genetically modified organisms (gmo’s). We can beat this though!

I want to help make eating healthy, easier an

d simpler for you all. First thing you should do is adopt this saying and you have half the battle won, “I eat to live, not to live to eat”. From here on out, the rest is all about the choices you make, after all, you are in control of what goes into your body!!

As most of us have busy lifestyles, eating at restaurants and fast food joints have become extremely popular. So have food trucks, snack stores, 7-11’s and so on. Most of these places we do not know what they are putting in our foods, so your best bet is to limit how often you go. Should you absolutely have to go out, find the place with the best options! Since almost everyone has a smartphone now, you can pull up menus on your screen in no time, and if they don’t have any healthy choices find another place if possible. If you can not find one, make the best of their menu. Don’t get the double side of onion rings with a large coke, have a glass of water (which keeps you feeling more full) or some of those little green things called vegetables we never get enough of! Veggies also help fill you up and provide your body with tons of nutrition. Also while out, use your condiments on the side and avoid any heavy cream sauces, thick dressings. These things are usually hidden with saturated fats and loaded with sugar. Keep in mind restaurants tend to give out much bigger portions than necessary too, so split your meal up as soon as you get it and take it with you. This now becomes dinner later or a meal the following day. Make sure to also order your food exactly as you want it, they will do it. Worst comes to worse, tell them you have a food allergy. Lastly here, don’t skip a meal early on because you know you’re going to eat dinner that evening. Keep your body fueled and metabolism burning!

For those who like to cook their own food, this will be much easier, as it’s all about how you shop and prepare your food. Buying foods in bulk saves you time and money, a win-win situation. Then set aside a day or two each week that you can cook up a few things you bought. Don’t worry about making too much, whatever you have left just freeze, but make a reminder to defrost later so it’s ready when you need it. When you’re out shopping, keep your eyes open for things you can buy or make that will keep well dry. For example, if you wanted to leave whatever you got in your car, office, backpack etc. These will be crucial in eating on the go, great for in between clients, writing, running errands, whatever is in your schedule! Remember, failure to plan, is planning to fail! So plan to succeed!


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