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Healthy Hydration Foods and Tips

Water, eight, eight ounce glasses per day right? Well, not so much anymore! The recommendations are changing with new studies and advances in science and the medical field. We all know how important water is for the body, and staying hydrated, but yet most of us don’t intake enough. How much should you have now then? Some recommend a little more for men, and less for women, but I suggest about half of your body weight in ounces, your activity level, and how the weather is. Therefor if you weigh 100 lbs. you should consume about 50 oz. or about 6 cups, which is actually just under a half gallon! Again though you might need to add or subtract more if you’re a man or woman, active or sedentary, and by how much you sweat. Most people do weigh more than 100 lbs., but this is still very easily doable, and we could all benefit from losing a few pounds as well for a better overall bill of health.

For those that decide to take action and begin a new exercise routine, or are already in progress, make sure to drink 16-20 oz. about 2-4 hours prior to, and 3-8 ounces every 15-30 minutes. So if you find yourself suffering from headaches, constant fatigue, dry skin/lips or even nausea and/or dizziness, pick up another bottle of water! Your mind, body, and soul will thank you tremendously!

Now there are other ways to hydrate, or re-hydrate other than water. There are tons of water, electrolyte, and nutrient packed foods and drinks to choose from! I will provide a list at the bottom of hydrating choices, as well as dehydrating items to stay away from, or consume less of if it’s prevalent in your diet now. As always, should you desire and need some motivation, accountability, and a more in depth personalized plan, reach out to us and we’ll give you a free consultation!

Check out if you want to get more in depth about your personal hydration needs this summer!

Hydrating Foods, most of which are over 90% water!

-Watermelon -Grapefruit

-Celery -Bell peppers

-Cucumbers -Cantaloupe

-Berries of all kinds -Mango's

-Lettuce -Pineapple

-Carrots -Apples

-Zucchini -Tomatoes

-Yogurt -Coconut water

Sports drinks are okay, but tend to be mixed with artificial flavors, colors, and chemicals, especially high fructose corn syrup.

Dehydrating Foods

-Coffee in excess, 1-4 cups is okay, but pushing it around 3-4

-Alcoholic beverages,

-Cured meats

-Soy sauce

-Bouillon cubes

-White asparagus

-Fried and processed foods

-Basically anything high in sugar

-Best in Health and Fitness, Ken Symanski

A Healthier Me- We love what we do; you’ll love how you feel!

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