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How to get out of a rut!

How do you get out of a rut? Sounds difficult right, especially because most of us have been in plenty. I'm going to tell you a few honest things here to help you out, no secrets, no myths, and no tom foolery! Depending on what you're stuck in or on, or even getting started or leaving something, this will apply to you.

First off, you need to identify what the underlying reason behind why you can't continue on in the course of action that you'd like to is. Once you have an idea of it, figure out the why part. Ask yourself this question, why am I not letting myself do this? Is it because I'm afraid, lazy, unsure of how to, and the list can go on and on depending on your own situation. Just make sure that when you ask these questions, make sure you're giving yourself an honest answer!! Otherwise, what's the point? You'll be right where you are in this moment forever, and probably have been for hours, days, months etc...There's no better time than now to make these changes too.

Secondly, you must learn to accept these changes! This is vital to getting out of the rut you're in, and change is inevitable anyways. The less you resist to certain things and go with the flow, the better off you will be. Provided you're answering your own questions honestly and actively doing the right things to keep moving forward. This will not just happen on it's own, you must do!

Lastly, you must challenge yourself along the way! Become a better person/human being than you were the day before! In return all sorts of great things in your life will start to come, not overnight, but they will. A better quality of life is just around the corner, and remember that it starts (and ends) with you! Nobody is going to do this for you, so worry less about what others are doing, and enjoy the ride!

Be well,

Ken Symanski

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