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Better Diabetes Management with
Colleen Symanski, R.N., Certified Diabetes Educator

Colleen works with adult clients who have prediabetes, Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, PCOS, or had Whipple surgery. Diabetes impacts a person at home, work, and school and effects many different areas of their life—diet, lifestyle, health, etc. Successful self-management involves knowledge about a broad range of topics such as, medication, exercise, healthy eating, and coping skills. It’s not easy to gain all of the necessary knowledge without help. This is where a CDE® comes in. Living with diabetes isn't always easy and TV and the internet are filled with too much information.


Perhaps you need help with:

  • The frustration of not getting the results you worked for

  • Sorting out information over-load and misinformation

  • Stabilizing Blood Glucose;  less highs and less lows

  • Reducing/delaying kidney disease, vision loss, and amputation


You may even want to:

  • Learn how to make healthier eating easier

  • Move your body more

  • Understand medications better and the choices you have

 ​​"Your body is the best vehicle you have. Let’s take great care of it!"



Over the years I have learned what works the best for people with diabetes who want better health and sustainable results.  How we proceed depends on your current diabetes status, existing complications, and your goals.

  • 30 minute Initial Consultation:  $45.00 (credited to the option you select)

  • 90 minute workshop and a follow-up session within 90 days:  - $175.00

  • ​3 sessions:  $225.00   

  • 10 sessions, 2 complimentary functional fitness sessions, phone support and a follow-up in 70- 90 days: $750.00 

A physician order is required. Colleen can assist you with obtaining an order.


Evening and weekend appointments are available.



We also offer  Presentations, In-Services,  A Support Group, and Workshops!

"When I was first diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes is was, to say the least, a very big shock and I was quickly overwhelmed with everyone (including my doctors) telling me how to manage it.  I was referred to A Healthier Me and I met with Colleen.  It was truly the best decision I ever made! Colleen has been very helpful in explaining, in laymen terms, what and how exactly diabetes affects me and my body.  It is an ongoing process as diabetes is a complicated disease and affects everyone differently.  My doctors have had some difficulty in getting my blood glucose under control and the right medicines for me to take.  Colleen has been there every step of the way, even talking with my doctors about my progress and what we are trying to achieve.  I would recommend Colleen and A Healthier Me to anyone who seeks and wants better health with diabetes!!"

Carole Melasi

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