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"I can't thank Kenny enough for how he changed my life. I was unfit and never exercised. He made exercising fun. Kenny pushed me to be my best in a friendly way. He doesn't yell or make you do something you're not comfortable with. Not only exercising in the gym he believed in me to step out of my comfort zone and next thing I know we were signed up first 1/2 marathon. Loved it and super proud of myself. Next we signed up for Tough Mudder. Again out of comfort zone. Really loved it. So now my wall is filled with medals from races. I could not of achieved any of this with out the guidance of Kenny. I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone ready to change their life and get fit!!!!"  

Dawn Watt

"Colleen Sanders-Symanski is your answer to personal health and wellness.  Her ability to motivate, encourage, and assist with life changes has impacted many clients.  Her experience as a Registered Nurse brings a whole new level to her ability to assist you in your quest for wellness.  She is passionate about diabetic education, and she can help you control the disease with education about healthy eating, medications, exercise, what to do when sick, etc.  

I highly recommend Colleen!"  

Vicki Suplizio, MS. RN. BC. CCM

"Colleen and Ken have both made a huge impact on our community at St. Lucie Public Schools. For the past couple of years, we have had the pleasure of working together on the National Diabetes Prevention Program, where Colleen and Ken have helped to educate, motivate, and encourage our staff. Colleen and Ken both go above and beyond the call of duty in/out of the classroom, are very well organized, outside of the box thinkers, and willing to go the extra mile if it means they can help someone and their current health."

Stacy Donnelly, Wellness Manager, St. Lucie Public Schools

"Colleen Symanski, RN, CDE has been my go to person to discuss my pre-diabetes situation for over 3 years. I don't live year round in Vero Beach however, Colleen finds time to see me when I visit.  She has been my wellness coach, friend and confidant, listener, and healer. Don’t let her petite stature fool you- she is firm and tenacious in her passion for helping people and will encourage you to make wise choices. I have learned about cooking healthy meals and doing exercise that I like not loathe. My pre-diabetes condition has been turned around thanks to Colleen’s understanding and non-judgmental attitude. You rock Colleen!"

Cathy Weimann

 "I have been utilizing Ken's expertise now for almost a year. The professionalism and enthusiasm that he has for healthy living and building my Core has been above any other program that I have tried in the past. The pace and standards of the workout that Ken provides are based on my capabilities at each and every session. I would highly recommend A Healthier Me to anyone considering a one on one experience with a professional trainer. Thanks Ken!"

Glen Bezanson

"When I was first diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes is was, to say the least, a very big shock and I was quickly overwhelmed with everyone (including my doctors) telling me how to manage it.  I was referred to A Healthier Me and I met with Colleen.  It was truly the best decision I ever made! Colleen has been very helpful in explaining, in laymen terms, what and how exactly diabetes affects me and my body.  It is an ongoing process as diabetes is a complicated disease and affects everyone differently.  My doctors have had some difficulty in getting my blood glucose under control and the right medicines for me to take.  Colleen has been there every step of the way, even talking with my doctors about my progress and what we are trying to achieve.  I would recommend Colleen and A Healthier Me to anyone who seeks and wants better health with diabetes!!"

Carole Melasi

 "Kenny was my personal trainer for years. He is patient, understanding and flexible. He always checked on my health before starting a workout to be sure I didn't get hurt. His workouts were interesting, creative, and often he changed things up to keep me challenged. Working out with Kenny was mentally and physically tough but I looked forward to training with him. His outlook on life and attitude make you want to be the best you can be. Unfortunately I am not located close enough to train with him anymore and I miss his workouts and company all the time."

Lisa Millman 

"Thinking back, being young, thin and fit....those were the days.  What a great life of fun filled days with lots of energy and laughs.  Then, when you're 50+ it’s like what happened to me?  Yep, that was me until I met Colleen Symanski, RN CDE. Colleen was instrumental in giving me back hope that I can bring some of those days back.  With her guidance through an unforeseen diagnosis allowed me the opportunity to learn how to manage the diagnosis.  Through Colleen's research, goal planning, grocery shopping & reading labels with me as well as encouraging me to move my body more has enabled me to refocus on the things I can do.  

Moving my body more came through the assistance and patience of Ken Symanski my personal trainer with A Healthier Me.  Ken personalized a movement plan for me where I was sure not to hurt myself yet challenge and strive to perform each movement with positive results in mind.  I feel so blessed to have Colleen and Ken in my life.  I  look forward to every time I meet with them."

Cindy Bryant

"After $80,000 in insurance payments and $20,000 of my personal savings I was told I had 3 years to live at best. However, they told me I should take solace in knowing I was on the organ transplant list. I updated my will and prepaid all funeral expenses, but now I am sure that there are angels amongst us and ready to help if we only listen. Colleen Symanski, RN CDE, is such a spirit.  I listened and followed her recommendations; it has not been an easy journey but you made my ability to do the journey possible. I am no longer in need of an organ transplant, my life expectancy according to my physicians is remarkable. Thank you for working with me and my physicians for over a year. Even though I had to retire, I live each day fully and have been able to add gradual fitness training with Ken. I had the choice of dying or getting busy living. I chose living. Thank you Colleen and Ken!"

Peter Tijunelis

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