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We have dedicated our profession to giving our clients one to one personal attention. It does not matter if you are an elite athlete, a person wanting to keep up your health and fitn

ess, or you got off track. A personalized approach is tailored to meet you where you are and what your goals are. You might be struggling with an autoimmune disorder such as diabetes or lost your motivation. Our unique approach is ‘AHME©’.

Achieve. First, we discuss your goals and turn them into commitments of what you what to Achieve. Goals are good but often they do not require the same commitment as achievement. There is a difference. When you purchase a car or a home your responsibility is more than a goal, it is an obligation. If you do not achieve your monthly payments, chances are it is not going to go well. Your health requires the same personal thought process. How much are you willing to invest in your health? Health is a priority and requires a strong team approach. Just like you purchase various insurance and other services, so you feel safe and self-maintained.

We then discuss Harmonize. Think of words like match, blend, complement, tone, balance, synchronize, body rhythms with yourself and those you interact with daily. You tell us what is doable. Even if you have a strong group network, a plan that is unique to you works better because it feels and fits better. Maybe you want to meet three times a week or perhaps you just want to start with weekly. If you are struggling, gained weight, or feeling stressed most likely what you are doing is not harmonious for you.

Move, not just physically but also move forward with thinking and action. Think of words like progress, refocus, and shift. Move your body and move your mindset daily. Do not just maintain, sit less, get outside, move to eating healthier and with purpose and mindfulness. That is why we offer personal fitness, health coaching and a board-certified diabetes care and education specialist. Colleen understands blood glucose and how it leads to insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. COVID-19 has certainly be en an example of this. Move so you are mindful. We offer an array of options to help you progress. Perhaps, you want a home visit to get the most of your home equipment. Maybe a grocery store or home kitchen pantry makeover is needed. Make a commitment. Just do not be in a rut.

Evolve: Think of words like change, grow, and progress; this is our lifelong journey. We do not stop just because we are satisfied at the moment. As we age, our needs change so we must evolve to address them. There is no life-long one time fix. What use to be work may become stagnant. Perhaps an injury or major health event occurred. Do not get frustrated and give up. This happens frequently and what use to work does not anymore.

We have awesome clients and welcome new clients who would like to experience the AHME© difference. Appointments are needed and we are also available on evenings and weekends. While you are busy caring for others, we make time for your self-care.

Visit our website at Call for a complimentary introduction. Our telephone number is 772- 231- 5555. We are located at 2855 Ocean drive where you can also enjoy the fresh ocean air. We not only simplify health and fitness; we love what we do so you love how you feel. We meet you where you are and help you get you where you want to be!

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