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Cheers to drinking....water that is!

WE CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT WATER!! Every human being needs it, and in fact, we thrive on it as well as being comprised of it! Did you know that over 60-70% of our bodies are made up of water? Yet I still run into many many people who don't drink near enough of it, and when asking people/clients/friends/family to drink more, there's always that face and some sort of noise of disgust about it! In fact, without an intake of water for 3-5 days, we would die...

So why is it that an all natural, zero calorie fluid that is so beneficial to our survival and overall well being can be so universally disliked? Especially when as a society we're all somewhat health conscience, "fit", and "worried" about how we look and feel..Each an area that water can help you benefit in!!

It has been shown that not only will drinking an appropriate amount of water keep you more full feeling, it will nourish your hair, skin, nails, muscles, cells, organs, etc...I can keep going with these things but it would just be a regurgitation of what you've already heard many times before. Of course it will rid those nasty mid-day headaches, which are most likely triggered by excessive amount of coffee(caffeine) early in the morning, followed by sodas, teas, juices etc that are full of sugars and artificial sweeteners, and of course no water to follow it all down. Which leads to dehydration. A condition that will cause muscle fatigue, a state of general fatigue, and a lack in productivity among other things. For the average person out there, this can be a very destructive habit to form, key word, habit.

We all have the power to take back control of our lives, diets, and well being. It starts with you and the choices you make! No matter who you are, or what you do, drinking more water will have a positive impact on your life, that's a promise! I mean, who doesn't want to look and feel better? So why not make a simple choice to enhance your quality of life by just drinking more water? All you have to do is sip it ;)

With that being said I'd like to remind you all that summer is practically here and you must make a conscience effort to stay hydrated even more during the next few months! Especially those of you who are getting your "beach bodies", or the average individual that works out or runs/walks regularly. Excessive heat will cause you to sweat (lose water) more, so you must replenish more! Don't forget that caffeine/weight loss supplements are stimulants, so any time you intake some you are losing water in the process.

In closing, I'll just say go with the flow, continue to stay hydrated, and be the best YOU you can be!

Until next time, Ken Symanski :)

You can reach us at 772-231-5555 for all your health, fitness, and diabetes related needs!

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